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Generally, floor sanding Melbourne and polishing are commonly used on all types of hardwood floors. Flooring the floor is the best and most economical solution to renew damaged and faded floors to give them a fresh look without replacing them. But for various reasons, there are some wooden floors that you cannot sand.

So in this blog, we will discuss in detail what kind of hardwood floors are advised by the expert to be sanded and polished.

Engineered Floors

Engineered floors, or floating floors, must be sanded and polished conveniently. High-quality engineered flooring can be sanded and polished three to four times if it has a thick hardwood veneer with a thickness of at least 3mm on top of a plywood core.

Remember that laminate floors are not natural wood, but the photo prints on the HDF core mimic the appearance of the actual wooden floors.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Can sand and polish solid hardwood floorings like oak, maple, maple pine, jarrah and many more. Sanding and polishing can restore the damaged floors to something that gives them a pristine look.

Remember that for hardwood flooring, it is best to use an eco-friendly solution to be environmentally friendly and elevate your space.

Floor Sanding Melbourne

Cork Floors

The cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, which looks like wood but feels soft on the feet. This floor endures for a long time, but like other hardwoods, it gets damaged and scratched, which you might fix by floor sanding Melbourne or with flooring services. Some cork flooring options on the market are excessively soft and cannot be sanded or polished.

Remember that 4 mm or thicker cork floors can be sanded or polished. Generally, sanding is not recommended for cork flooring with a thinner layer, as severe abrasions can permanently damage it.

Parquetry Floors

This flooring can be sanded and polished like any other hardwood as often as you want. This flooring does not contain grains in a straight line like the other hardwood floors, which can lead to cross-grain scratching, wear and tear.

So sanding without an expert can cause more damage to the flooring, as they are experienced and perform their work perfectly without damaging the floors and restoring their beauty.

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo is a hardwood floor, but you may be wondering whether it can be sanded and polished. The answer is yes, you can sand and polish them, but there are certain limitations that you must consider before sanding.

Like the thickness of a bamboo floor, nearly 3 to 4 mm can be sanded and polished. When sanding, the glue pockets could show up as these floors contain up to 20% glue, so be careful during the flooring process by considering the limitations of the wooden floors.

Hope you get an idea regarding the floors that need to be floor sanding Melbourne and polished by a professional. Regular flooring by an expert will help your floors last for years in their best condition. For your specific requirements, consider a company like Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne, a leading company offering top-notch flooring services that restore the beauty of home floors. So why wait? Call us today for any questions or enquiries regarding polishing and sanding services for your home or commercial place.