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Sanding and polishing floors are what you need when you are renovating or risk damaging your floor. If you choose to do this beforehand, your finished feet are at high risk of damage. If your Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne have been pre-finished and damaged by craftsmen, the result can be costly. The scope and processes required to depend on the amount of damage and the location within the floor area. 

Floor sanding Geelong is the sanding of a hardwood floor’s top surfaces with abrasive materials to remove the top layers. Many flooring materials can be sanded, such as wood, cork, chipboard, and sometimes parquet. Some foundations are laid and designed for sanding. Many old floors are also sanded after the previous coatings have been removed and the proper wood has been hidden underneath.  

These days, you’ll need to seek Floor sanding Geelong assistance from the market’s professionals. If you want to achieve perfect durability, the bottom sanding process is critical. Sanding must be done correctly with the aid of a professional. Another important consideration is to learn from the experts. Another essential fact is having complete knowledge of sanding. Obtaining assistance from a prestigious group is a critical consideration. Another significant fact is the advancement of technology.

Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne

There are many approaches and methods when applying floor coverings and coating systems. When it comes to installing new flooring in your home, the sanding process is crucial. If you’re curious about how it’s done and think it’s a simple task, you’re mistaken. This job, if perfected, will result in a significant change in your home, and perfecting it will take a lot of practice and hard work.

A prominent painter’s tray is ideal for this situation, as the applicator can easily be pressed onto the flat part of the tray. The product application to the planks should be made in a delicate process, starting at one end of the planks and applying the product along the entire length of the planks. The finish should be padded on the outside edge to minimize coating build-up at this point. 

This process should leave a “wet edge” for each subsequent application section to fit on the previous strip without creating gouges that can occur if the material peels or dries out before the next application strip. The floor sanding & polishing Melbourne process should continue in the same way from one end of the planks along their entire length to the floor covering. The goal is to create a uniform, wet look without dry spots. 

Professional polishing and Floor sanding Geelong service specialized in sanding, polishing and laying of wooden floors. Timber floor sanding Melbourne will help your timber flooring last longer by extending its life expectancy. We are committed to professional customer service, ensuring high-quality service and artistry. A sanded and coated, laid or renovated wooden floor can disrupt everyday life. That is why our friendly and professional staff makes sure that your domestic or business life is disturbed as little as possible.