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Sanding is a great way to update your home and add value. However, there are some things you should avoid doing while sanding floors if you want them to look their best.
Sanding your floors is an important part of home maintenance. That’s where timber floor sanding Melbourne experts are here to help you.

Well, some homeowners believe it’s easy enough for anyone with access to some basic equipment and supplies (which we’ll discuss below) to sand down their existing floor and make it look brand new again.

And yet many people don’t take advantage of this opportunity because they are unsure whether or not their wood floors need it in the first place. The answer is yes: all wood floors need maintenance every few years. That’s why it’s important not only for aesthetics but also for safety reasons.

Too-just think about what could happen if those little ones started cutting themselves on sharp splinters coming off our floorboards…not fun at all!
In this article, we’ll cover everything from sanding tools to safety tips so that you can spend more time enjoying your new-looking home!

Putting the baseboards on before you sand

This is a big one. When you are finished with your floor sanding, the baseboards will be damaged and need to be replaced. This can be a major job that requires hiring timber floor sanding Melbourne experts for the task. You should not try to tackle this project yourself unless you are experienced in this type of work, as it can get complicated very quickly!

Applying the finish in a thick coat

The temptation to apply a thick coat of finish is understandable. You’re eager to see your hard work come together, and you want it done as quickly as possible. However, this can cause problems.

When you wet sand floors, it’s more likely that there will be marks in the finish or swirls in the grain of the wood that wasn’t there before you started using the sander. It can also be messy—you might find yourself with sawdust in every crevice of your house! And no matter how carefully you try to clean up after yourself, there will still be dust everywhere when you leave for work tomorrow morning.

Timber floor sanding Melbourne

Removing the finish with a belt sander

It’s true that a belt sander can be an effective way to remove the finish from a wood floor, but only if it’s used properly. Unfortunately, many people do not use their sanders correctly, and as a result, they damage their floors.

If you’re someone who likes to DIY projects around your home and is considering using your belt sander to take off floor finishes, please consider some of these points before proceeding:

  • A belt sander is too aggressive for removing finishes from wood floors; it will cause splintering or gouging if used incorrectly.
  • Belt sanders can’t be effectively controlled like hand sanders; they’re much heavier than hand tools and more likely to slip out of control during use.
  • This increases the chance of damaging your floor beyond repair by over-sanding specific areas or scratching up the surface texture with too much pressure applied by accident.

Not moving furniture prior to sanding

When you’re ready to start sanding, you’ll want to move all furniture, appliances and other items out of the room. You can cover your floor with a tarp or drop cloth to prevent dust from getting on it when you move furniture back in. Be sure that any cords are out of the way, and have some kind of vacuum nearby for cleaning up dust if necessary.

Hiring an inexperienced contractor

A good Timber floor sanding Melbourne experts can make all the difference between a satisfactory and an excellent floor. If you just hire the first person who gives you a quote, however, there’s a chance that your floors will end up looking worse than when they started.

Look for someone with experience in the field and ask for references—make sure to check those references thoroughly! It’s also important to research contractors’ portfolios carefully, paying attention to detail and keeping an eye out for things like colour consistency across rooms.

Finally, look at how they operate as a company: Are they good at communicating? Can they provide insurance information? Do they have any certifications or memberships? If so, what do this mean?

These are just a few of the mistakes that are commonly made when sanding floors. It’s important to know what you should avoid doing so that you don’t make these mistakes yourself, which could cause damage to your home and cost you more money in the long run. That is where Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne experts can help! The team has over a decade of experience and can provide quality floor sanding and staining for all types of timber floors.