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Floor sanding and Polishing specialists must complete other planned crafting work before starting floor work when refurbishing. If you choose to do this in advance, the finished floor is more likely to be damaged. Personal safety precautions must be observed when using Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne machines and coatings containing potentially toxic smoke. 

Proper protection depends on the various stages of the polishing and coating process. Below is the brief explanation of it:

Safety glasses and gas mask

The first task is to punch out the nails. Safety glasses are a must, as small pieces of steel can become projectiles when hammered from the head of a nail or into the head of a hammer. Most of the dust is caught by the machine, but excellent particles are released into the air during the Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne process. 

Dust Fire Danger

Be careful when storing sawdust in a plastic bag before disposing of it as it may catch fire. The leading cause encountered was when the drum machine smashed the tip of the nail head and sparked it. This spark begins to shine with the extraction of air as it collects sawdust.

Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne

Dangers of Toxic Coatings

Typical floor coating formulations in use today include one- and two-component water-based or solvent-based polyurethane coatings. Exposure to these coatings can have short-term and long-term effects on the respiratory system, skin, eyes, and other health problems. 

Always wear a breathing device when applying these coatings. To ensure a tight seal between the face and the mask, it is beneficial to shave cleanly and make sure it is properly adjusted. These coatings are generally highly flammable, so care must be taken to prevent evaporating vapours from coming into contact with the ignition source.

Aside from prominent smoking cessation policies and nearby open flames, care should be taken when coating near the refrigerator. Older refrigerators can generate sparks when the engine starts and should be removed from that area before coating. The indicator light on the gas water heater is another danger to be aware of. 

Risk of electric shock

All floor sanding has metal housing, so it is recommended to use a safety box between the sub and the wall outlet. This fast spinning drum makes it easy if you’re not always vigilant when concentrating on polishing the front floor. 

Wait for the floor to cure for the required time before returning the furniture, depending on the surface.These items have their weight distributed over four small wheels, which can easily damage the new floor. There are several ways to do this safely, but the best way is to use a hardboard seat and roll the fridge one after another while guiding the centre into the fridge recess, and the wheels will come off. 

Thus the aforesaid are the certain safety measures that should be considered while sanding and polishing the floor. Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne is the best company that specializes in Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne for hardwood floors to help innovators modernize their homes. We help to extend the life expectancy of your wooden floor and make it more durable and shiny.