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Are you a DIY lover who loves to decorate home and perform renovation tasks at home?  Then you might have thought of the floor sanding and polishing job if you have wooden floors installed. The majority of people have misconception that sanding is the back-breaking job but with the use of right equipment and process, it can be easily performed at the home by anyone but before beginning with the sanding job, ensure you have all the equipment and necessary tools present for performing flooring operation. There are many companies that offer the effective consultation on phone regarding Timber floor sanding Melbourne. Go through all the necessary dos and don’ts before doing the floor sanding for the first time.

Below are some useful tips that can help to complete the floor sanding job efficiently:

Make sure you empty the room completely before the floor sanding. The room needs to be completely empties for the perfect sanding work. Because no one will like half sanded room with the uneven surface. So, put some efforts and empty the complete room to get the sanding done faster and efficient.

Get yourself a drum sander and edging sander. You don’t need to worry about operating the tools; they are almost easy and convenient to use by anyone who is beginner. The floor sanding tools and equipment are easily available in the store for hire. You can complete your sanding job at a reliable cost however you want.

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Get yourself enough number of sandpapers, hammer, nails punch and bins to dispose the waste materials properly.

It’s important to wear the protective masks and ear plugs for the protection. For this, get yourself a high-quality dust masks, ear plugs and sensible shoes. FFP2 is proven to be the best protection mask that offers the higher protection from dust while sanding.

Ensure your floor is completely free of nails and flat. If there are still any nails on the floors, you can remove the nails or punch down effectively with hammer. But mostly floor sanders don’t recommend punching down the nails as it can get stuck in the grit sandpaper and might cause trouble in sanding process. Hence, punching down nails is recommended at your own risk.

Start your floor sanding with the large drum sander if you have uneven floor board surface. Make sure you don’t leave any area while sanding. Move forward horizontally and diagonally to have the better sanding and better flooring look.

Use the sand paper according to the floor quality because the amount of sand paper you need will depend on the condition whether your floor is painted or glued.

Once you are done with the coarse paper, don’t forget to sand it with fine paper to have a smoother and professional flooring look.

Final thoughts:  hope you found above floor sanding tips useful, if you are not comfortable with the floor sanding jobs then consult timber floor sanding Melbourne for the best flooring services. We are the experienced Floor sanding Geelong professionals that are confident to handle all kinds of floor sanding, polishing and many other flooring services.