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We love our timber floors, but they need a little extra care and attention to keep them looking good.

If you want to do Timber floor sanding Melbourne, then it is important that you do everything possible to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to take care of your newly sanded floors:

Use Carpet, Rugs, and Mats

You should use a carpet, rugs, and mats to protect the floor. You can put a rug or mat in front of the door. You can also place a rug or mat in front of the sink, as well as you can place another rug or mat in front of the toilet and kitchen sink.

  • Carpets are good for protecting your timber floor from scratches caused by shoes or high heels. They also help with soundproofing as well!
  • Rugs are great for putting under desks or tables where it may be easy for items to slide off onto your timber floors without damaging them too much!

Mats are great for use in front of doors so that when people enter or leave the room, they don’t scratch your floors with their shoes.

You can also use a mat in front of the sink, where it’s easy for items to slide off onto your timber floors without damaging them too much.

Keep the pets away

When it comes to keeping your timber floor sanding for the long term, you need to make sure that your pets are not going near it. Pets can cause damage to the flooring and cause a lot of problems.

They can scratch the timber, shed hair on the grain of the floor, and urine on it too. This will make your beautiful floor look awful quickly if you allow them access to it.

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Dont wear high heels, sharp shoes, or boots on the floor

To avoid damaging your timber flooring, don’t wear high heels or sharp shoes on the timber floor.

Wearing slippers or socks is a good option to protect your floors from damage. Keep pets away from the floor and use rugs and mats to protect the flooring when needed.

If you have young children or pets, you may want to consider using rugs and mats as well.

Clean your floor regularly

Some people think that you have to regularly vacuum or sweep your floor. This is not true. Sweep and vacuum your floors only when they are dirty, but don’t do it more than once a week.

If you want to keep the dust off your floor all the time, use a soft cloth with water and vinegar solution or cleaning spray. You can also use a steam cleaner to cleanse it regularly; however, this would be an expensive option considering how much liquid it uses up in each session.

Another alternative is using wet/dry vacuum cleaners, which are more practical as they require less liquid than steam cleaners while keeping your timber floors dry at the same time. You can also use mops instead of brooms if you want something easy-to-use and portable for regular cleaning of your timber floors.

We hope that this article has given you helpful tips for keeping your timber floor looking great for a longer time after Timber floor sanding Melbourne. If there’s anything else we can do, please feel free to contact Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne. We offer the greatest professionals and cutting-edge technology to keep your floor shining.