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Choosing either has its pros and cons. The order when remodelling the house has an important role in deciding whether you would regret it or not. Both Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne and painting the house are huge and important tasks.

Both are capable of having a bad impact on each other if not done with precaution. As they both are an important part of the house interior bailing on anyone would not have a good impact on the overall effect of house remuddling. So, you cannot choose only one from then, you have to decide the order instead.

Here is what you can expect in either of the choices

Painting The Walls First

One of the obvious choices as you might think too. Fear of dripping paint on the freshly sanded and the finished floor is the reason anyone would want to choose painting the wall first and then sand any of the paint drops from the floor. It is easier to get rid of a few drops of paint by sanding the floor.

There is a cliché here, it is easy to get the paint off the floor by sanding it from the floor that has been refinished recently. Partly right. The cost of getting the paint from the recently finished floor could also be taken into consideration.

But, if the paint drips on the raw wood there is something that you would be aware of here. It is highly likely that the paint would seep into the pores of the wood and would take a considerably high amount of sanding to get rid of it. And sometimes it is irreparable too. It can also have a bad impact on the sandpaper when sanding.

There is an immense amount of dust from sanding the floor that can stick to the paint and damage it. Highly likely if the paint has not dried out, even if it has chances that the dust impacts the paint.

Having said that, it is believed that fixing the wall is comparably less expensive than fixing the floor.

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Sanding The Floor First

Practically the floor is the one that is going to last for a longer period than the wall paint that is often changed. Sanding the floor would give you a bright opportunity to match up the wall colour with the floor.

The major concern when sanding the floor first is the paint splatter. Even if the paint drips on the floor, it can be wiped off immediately and there would be no traces of it later. In case you fail to wipe it off imminently. Let it dry completely and you would be able to peel it off the floor. There is a minute chance that it can stain the floor.

That too if you have not covered the finished floor with the drop cloths and coverings that can save the floor from any of the paint damage as above.

The immense amount of dust from floor sanding would not be an issue for the fresh coat of paint.