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When it comes to flooring, there are many mistakes you can make during timber floor sanding Melbourne.   

Installing Quickly

People want quick results and don’t let the professionals complete the installation quickly. It takes time to install a full-fledged flooring of your home. So, don’t expect to get instant flooring done. Stick to what your professionals are suggesting and go with the time estimation they are providing instead of forcing them to complete the installation as quickly as possible.

Getting carried away with the trends

It’s good to install trending timber floor but getting carried away with that isn’t good for you. You never know when today’s trend becomes old tomorrow. Therefore, it’s suggested to tell the professionals your requirements but doesn’t try to get everything trendy. The professionals know better and they will choose the best and most suitable floor design for your home.

Sticking to the same pattern in the entire home

Flooring is more of an art than a home feature. You can experiment with different design s and pattern in different areas of your home.  If you choose the same pattern in all areas of your home, it will look boring eventually. For keeping the positive vibes up in your pace, you need different patterns. For example, you can go for different staining in different rooms.

Using new material

When you hire a Floor Sanding and Polishing Company in Melbourne for home renovation, don’t expect them to use the new material. If your timber floor can be restored, go for it. Spending money on totally new material isn’t only expensive but the old material will totally be wasted. Therefore, ask professionals if they can restore your floor instead of replacing it. Just a few sanding and polishing will change the entire looks of your floor.

Not using parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is an old design and is durable. It has a striking design, tone, and accent that can enhance even the simplest homes. You can use your imagination to give your flooring the best and unique looks. All you need is the help of a professional and skilful flooring company that will provide you with the required flooring in no time.

Not synchronizing floor and the walls

It’s crucial to match all the walls of a specific area with the floor. You will not get the complete look until your floor complement the walls. It will look odd when your floor will be of a different theme than the walls. It’s better to match your floor with the walls so get suitable results & interior.

Not using paint

Did you know you can paint your wooden floor? Yes, you read it right. You can paint the low traffic areas to get a unique look. You can go for any colour such as white, grey, or any other to get eh perfect indoor so that everything looks in synch.

So keep the above mistakes on the bay and get the most out of your experts of timber floor sanding Melbourne.