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The flooring system isn’t as easy as it seems. It includes various components that one must consider before timber floor installation, Melbourne. Any flooring has to bear the weight of walls, appliances, furniture, foot traffic, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to install it in the right way so that it can carry the weight of everything. 

Low base, undersized floor joints, wrong spaced support columns, and weak nailed subfloors make your flooring vulnerable and non-durable. These defects can affect your structural foundation, such as sagging, separation, squeaking, and much more. 

  So, remember:

Secure any loose wood sub-floor, plywood, or OSB subflooring by using 2-1/2” deck screws. 

Damaged subfloors will lead to squeaks and unfinished flooring quality. 

Ensure that the concrete slabs are smooth and fill any depression with a proper levelling solution.    

Laminated & Hardwood Flooring 

Moisture can ruin even the top quality wood flooring. Moisture on the wood can lead to wood contraction, which results in gaps between different floor areas. Such wood absorbs excess moisture and enlarges during summer when the moisture is at its peak, and the gaps disappear. If the moisture increases more, it can activate wood plank to come out. 

For that reason, it is crucial to let the wood get used to the home from at least 4 to 7 days before installing so that no gaps are left, and no expansion happens when the weather changes. Relative humidity of home (approximately 30 to 50 per cent) is also a big factor for keeping your wood in the right condition. 

New flooring on Old Flooring Installation

Many people have this question whether or not they can install the new flooring over the old one. Personally, it’s not my choice because it will ruin the looks of the floor as additional height will look awkward. This can also lead to the unevenness of the floor, and you might face various issues while moving appliances. Also, old flooring can become loose anytime. Therefore, there would be no point of having new flooring over the old flooring because it will be damaged eventually.      

So, can you install new flooring over the old flooring? The answer is ‘YES.’

Yes, you read it right! 

Only the experienced agency of timber floor installation Melbourne will know that ¾” thick solid, hardwood or engineered wood is suitable for this purpose. This flooring is installed over the old flooring at a perpendicular or 90o angle. If the new flooring is nailed parallel to the old wood flooring direction, new wood will probably fall by leaving big gaps behind, which further leads to the old wood contracting and expanding. 

In case you want to install the new wood parallel to the old wood flooring, install a layer of 3/8” thick plywood which will act as a separation layer and allow you to install new flooring in the desired direction.   

Now that you have got your answer to hire the experienced and Affordable Floor Sanding in Melbourne.  

You can also gather more information about wood floor installation from the professionals and make the right decision.