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The elegance of the timber floor could not hide its delicacy. There are various seniors where you can end up damaging the finishing of the timber floor and the next thing you would be thinking is to Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne or retore those timber floors. The first and foremost thing is to be aware of the scenarios that can cause your timber floor to have marks – stains, discolouration, scratched and more.

Here is a list of some of the ways you would end up damaging that ravishing floor of yours.

  • Moisture stains
  • Fading of the wood due to exposure to the sun
  • Sap stains
  • Iron stains
  • Spills
  • Strains due to pet urine
  • Debris in the finish
  • Scratches due to pushing of furniture
  • Scratches to due to footwear like heels
  • Discolouration due to high traffic

floors sanding & polishing Melbourne

The list does not end here. You know some for the possible reason of why the floor can get stained or have marks. Do not worry about the mark as there a most effective way to get rid of those marks without replaces the hardwood planks. It is floor sanding and polishing.

  • You know the solution that is sanding and polishing but choosing the appropriate service to provide is the first hurdle that you need to face. Find out the cost, reviews, service qualities, reference and more to find out the best-suited service provider.
  • What the companies do here is use professional equipment to sand the floors until the surface of the floor does not have any marks. It makes the floor smooth again and gets rid of all discolouration and stains.
  • Once the sanding is complete the surface of the wood needs to be sealed with the finish to makes sure that nothing could seep into the surface of the planks. You can choose the number o flayer of the finish you want.
  • It also allows you to get the whole colour of your flooring wood stain. This not only removes the stain but give you the feel of getting a brand-new timber floor.

Timber floors need extra care when it comes to preventing them from any damage as listed above. This is the key, Prevention! Makes sure that you know very well what could damage those floors and leave marks that you can prevent from happening in the first place.

Regular cleaning and maintenance would do the trick. Make vacuuming a habit to keep the dirt and debris away from the floor. Use the cleaners that are recommended by the company that installed the timber floors at your home. Mopping the floor frequently could also keep the floor clean but make sure that the mop is properly damped. The excess water from the floor also can damage the floor.


Apart from taking necessary measures to save those floors from getting marked get the floors sanding & polishing Melbourne as per the requirement or need.