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Hardwood floors are a stunning addition to any home. They add value, but they also can last for decades with the right care. Regular Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne is one of the most important steps in preserving your hardwood flooring. This guide will walk you through the entire process, from preparing your floor for sanding to achieving a high gloss finish.

What is floor sanding & polishing?

Floor sanding and polishing is removing the top layer of a floor and polishing it to a high sheen. The end result is a beautiful, shiny floor that will last for years. Floor sanding and polishing can be used on wood floors, concrete floors, and even tile floors. There are two steps in the floor sanding and polishing process: sanding and polishing.

The benefits of floor sanding & polishing

Floor sanding and polishing can provide a range of benefits for your flooring, including:

– refreshed appearance with a high gloss shine
– restored floors with fewer scratches, dents and blemishes
– longer lasting flooring with less maintenance required
– improved insulation and noise reduction

The best time to sand & polish your floors

You might be wondering when the best time is to sand and polish your floors. The answer is: anytime! We always recommend sanding and polishing your floors if you’re planning on refinishing them anyway. There’s no need to wait—in fact, the sooner you get started, the sooner you can enjoy your beautiful new floors. If you’re not quite ready to refinish yet, don’t worry. You can still achieve a beautiful high gloss finish by sanding and polishing your floors every few years. Schedule a consultation with our team and we’ll help you choose the right plan for your flooring needs.

Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne

How to prepare your floors for sanding & polishing?

To achieve a high gloss finish on your floors, you need to prepare them properly. Here are the steps you need to take:
1. Remove all furniture and other objects from the room.
2. Vacuum the entire area to remove all dust and debris.
3. Repair any damage to the floors, such as scratches or dents.
4. Apply a coat of floor sealer to protect the surface from scratches and staining.
5. sand the floors using a belt sander or floor sanding machine.
6. vacuum again to remove any remaining sanding dust.
7. apply a wood finish or polish coat to achieve your desired gloss level.

How to sand & polish your floors?

Here are the simple steps for floor sanding and polishing:

1. Remove all furniture and fixtures from the room.
2. Vacuum the entire surface to be sanded and remove any dust or debris.
3. Begin sanding in one corner of the room, using medium-grit sandpaper. Sand in a circular motion, applying even pressure.
4. Sand the entire surface, changing to finer grit sandpaper when necessary. Be sure to pay attention to the corners and edges.
5. Sweep or vacuum up the dust created by sanding, then wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth.
6. Apply a floor polish of your choice, following the instructions.
7. Enjoy your beautiful, high-gloss floors!


Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne wide is a great way to get a high gloss finish on your floors and restore them to their former glory. By following our guide, you can be sure that the job is done properly and that you’ll be left with beautiful, shiny floors.