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When it comes to reviving the beauty of your home’s wooden floors, floor sanding is a crucial step. From restoring the natural beauty of your wood flooring to enhancing its durability, floor sanding is an important maintenance technique that homeowners and business owners must consider.

However, the time it takes can vary based on several factors.

Here, we will dive into the nuances of floor sanding Melbourne Eastern Suburbs, exploring the variables that impact the duration of the process. From the size and condition of the floor to the equipment used and the type of finish applied, every element plays a role in determining the timeline.

So, let’s discover everything you need to know about how long floor sanding takes!

Factors that Affect the Time Taken in Floor Sanding

As a general rule, a DIYer will need 4 to 6 hours to sand the wooden floor of an average-sized room. While the floor sanding professionals will need only 1 to 2 hours.

However, this time can vary depending on several other factors, such as:

  • Home Layout: The layout of your home can affect how long it takes to sand your floors. A large, open main floor can be done in a day by an expert, but homes with lots of small rooms, closets, and hallways will take more time.
  • Preparation Time: You should account for the time it takes to prepare your floor in your plans. A newer, well-kept floor needs less prep, but if your floor has loose nails or other issues, it will add more time to the job.
  • Floor Condition: The current condition of your floor plays a big role in how long it takes for sanding. If you’re just changing the stain or fixing minor flaws, it won’t take extra time. However, floors covered in paint, carpet glue, or uneven spots will take longer.
  • Damage: A common reason to sand floors is to get rid of scratches, dents, and other damage. Small ones are easy to fix, but deep gouges or big dents will need more sanding and more time.

Things that can Extend the Floor Sanding Timeframe

Undoubtedly, your house size and the number of rooms will affect the timeframe of floor sanding. However, there are several other factors which can delay the process:


The weather conditions can make a big difference when you’re sanding wooden floors. To keep it simple, it’s best to do this work in the summertime. That’s because the finishing layer dries faster when it’s warm, so you don’t have to wait as long for each of the three coats to dry.

Previous Finish

The previous finish of your floor can also affect how long sanding takes. Some finishes, like aluminium oxide, are tough and need more time to sand down. And if there’s old carpet glue on the floor, it can take a while to get rid of it completely.

Wood Type

The kind of wood and the floor style, like parquet, can also make the sanding process take longer. Oak wood is easy to sand, while Jarrah wood might take a bit more time than Oak. Plus, the time needed can change depending on whether you’re doing rough or lighter sanding because different woods react differently to each type of sanding.

Floor Sanding Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Tips to Speed up the Process

While there are many factors that affect the floor sanding process, you can utilise some tricks to speed up the process and get quick results. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Use the Right Tools: To finish your project quickly, ensure you have the best sanding tools. Choose a powerful sander you’re comfortable using, and have a backup for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Plan Ahead: Prepare in advance. Figure out how you’ll move furniture, control dust and dirt, and get your floor ready for sanding by removing any nails or obstacles.
  • Pick Water-Based Finish: If you’re deciding between oil-based and water-based finishes, go for water-based polyurethane. It dries the fastest, with each coat taking just 24 hours to dry.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals

Investing in floor sanding Melbourne Eastern Suburbs services can make a big difference when it comes to rejuvenating your floors. There are several key benefits to consider. First and foremost, the experts have the skills and tools needed to do the job right. They know how to treat different types of wood and can fix any imperfections on your floors.

What’s great about hiring professionals is that it saves you time and effort. They handle everything, from getting the surface ready to applying the final finish. Plus, they use dustless equipment to keep your space clean during the process. They can also advise you on maintaining your floors for long-lasting beauty.

Bringing in floor sanding professionals makes your floors look amazing and ensures they stay in great shape for years to come. Whether it’s for your home or business, their expertise can turn tired floors into stunning assets, increasing your space’s overall appeal and value.

Floor sanding is an essential process to revive hardwood floors. How long it takes depends on factors like the floor size, condition, and finish.

On average, it can take about 2 to 5 days to sand all the floors of your house. This includes prep, sanding, and finishing. It’s crucial to let each coat of finish dry properly to avoid damaging the floor. Rushing can lead to a poor finish.

So, be patient and give each stage enough time. Also, consult professionals and follow product guidelines. By planning well and taking the necessary steps, your hardwood floors will shine and look beautiful once again.

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