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Choosing the right flooring is important to maintain the timeless beauty of the house décor, more importantly, it is necessary to choose the polishing method to protect and care for the installed floor. Everyone wants to keep their floor sparkling clean but it depends upon the choice and theme of flooring. Timber wood is the highly trending material used in modern homes for floorings and other home décor objects because of its durability and amazing features. There are various types of timber woods with different specifications with various pros and cons. If you are planning for a floor polishing project, you might be aware of the timber type you have at home to know the right polishing for the floor. Take advice from an experienced Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne Company to know about the suitable polishing for your timber wood.

To know about different types of floor polishing, keep on reading!

Natural oil /Penetrating oil

Natural oil is also called penetrating oil that is effective in enhancing the timber wood characteristics by penetrating deep into the floor surface hence it provides rich and deep colouring to the timber. As the name itself says natural oil, it is eco-friendly and provides high-quality finishing to the timber wood with plenty of benefits. It is spot-repairable, easy to patch up, and requires little maintenance.

Oil modified urethane (UMO)

UMO is more durable than Tung oil that prevents splitting of boards and edge bonding. It facilitates easy movement in the timber and offers reasonable wear resistance. UMO is basically the mixture of plasticizers and synthetic resins to form filming ingredients. It is highly moisture resistant and a great solution for timber sports flooring.

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Polyurethane water-based

Polyurethane water-based solvent means it uses water as its base solvent instead of petroleum solvent. Hence it is a good eco-friendly option as it does not use any chemicals as a base solvent and hence does not release strong odours. Generally, water-based polyurethanes work best for light shade timbers and minimizes the yellowness of the wood.

Polyurethane solvent based

Solvent-based polyurethane is the perfect option for those who want a high-glossy shine to the timber wood. As it is solvent base, it is highly scratch resistant and moisture resistant.  It may have a strong solvent odour and it might be toxic hence it is advised to wear protective equipment during the polishing project of polyurethane solvent-based.

it’s better to analyse the type of wooden floor you have to choose the right polishing method for the floor. Hope you found the above timber polishing methods informative and helpful in choosing the eco-friendly and best method for your floor polishing project. Hire timber floor sanding Melbourne for the premium Floor polishing Geelong services, we use advanced machinery and tools to provide you a dustless and amazing polished floor. With our high-quality dustless machines, we strive to achieve your desired flooring look with our knowledge and experience. Call us today and get the best reliable quotation for your flooring service.

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