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For any homeowner to decorate their home according to tone and preferences, choosing the right type of flooring at Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne Company is the biggest decision, we think your timber floors should look beautiful. That’s why we offer timber floor installation Melbourne quality services with our expert team who can ensure to give you an incredible floor that will last for years.

But when it comes “Which is more reliable, timber floor installation or carpet?” The answer to this question depends on many factors. While there are both classical and popular flooring options, they have very little in common when it comes to their unique characteristics.

Carpet vs Timber Flooring Cost: It is the biggest factor that has the power to change, shape and affect any decision we make. The initial set up cost as a huge deciding factor. Now, at the moment, it seems like a viable option, the cost of the timber flooring is higher than carpet but if you bring other factors into the picture, you can reconsider your decision. It can also reduce the hassle of tearing down old carpets and paying for installation fees for new carpets coming down the road later.

Carpet vs Timber Flooring odour: Love the odour of new carpets? New carpets with all adhesive agents can be hazardous to your health. Not only when laid for the first time, but this carpet has also been leaking dangerous odours. For anyone suffering from shortness of breath, this is definitely not something to consider for long-term.

Carpet vs Timber Flooring Maintenance: Ever faced the dilemma of spreading something on the carpet and then cleaning it? It’s hard for you to stain on your carpet. Paint? Use special cleaners depending on the type of paint you have the misfortune of ruining your carpet. With timber flooring, this is not the case. It requires less maintenance and higher results, unlike the carpet.

Carpet vs. Timber Flooring Cleaning: The carpet is dusty. This is not so easy with carpet as they need regular cleaning. Whereas, with minimal effort, you can make your timber flooring shine like new. 

Carpet vs Timber Flooring Allergies: For people suffering from allergies or very sensitive skin, carpets can cause significant problems. When you go for timber floor installation Melbourne, you don’t have to worry about this. Timber floors do not trap dirt or germs in any way and are safe for families with children.

Carpet vs Timber Flooring Durability: What happens when your carpet gets old and gets that antique look? Spend money again, go buy a new carpet and reinstall it to go through the same cycle again. Whereas, timber flooring on the other hand is more durable and lasts longer. When the timbers have faded, you can easily hire our professionals for Affordable Floor Sanding in Melbourne service it only fills cracks in your floorings, if there are any, but it will also give it a whole new look.


If you still have doubts about what type of flooring you should use, please feel free to contact us. We at Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne Company, are leaders in timber floor installation Melbourne and would welcome the opportunity to show you why!!