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According to a survey, it is found that 90% of houses in Australia are made up of timber woods because of its durability and luxurious features. There are a wide variety of options when planning for building a home, but every single thing comes with an expiry date even timber woods also needs repair and replacement after certain years. Due to rising Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne industries, timber is the most demanded substance in the commercial industries that are widely used for flooring and different interior decor purposes.

Some of the popular types of floor polishing and sanding:

  • Hardwood floor sanding and polishing
  • Parquet floor sanding and polishing.
  • Victorian floor sanding and polishing.
  • Floorboard sanding and polishing and much more.

Difference between floor polishing and sanding

Floor sanding is the process of removal of the upper layer of wooden material by sanding with the use of rough or harsh material. While floor polishing is the process of cleansing the floor using the rotator machine with a combination of chemicals and polishers to make the floor shiny, supple, and clean.

Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne

Why people prefer wooden floorings over others:

  • It enhances the overall look of the house with its rich and classy look.
  • It’s durable and long-lasting.
  • It is easily maintained and easy to clean.
  • Timbers are natural products, so it’s safe for the health of the family as compared to other chemically processed floors.
  • Timbers are one of the oldest things that were used in ancient periods for traditional and cultural home decors.
  • Because of its neutral and elegant look, it can be suited to all rooms with interior decors.
  • Timbers are sustainable and eco-friendly
  • It provides a wide variety of options for selection according to budget.
  • Timber increases house value because of its durability and royal look features.
  • Timber can be modified and renovated as per requirement on a seasonal basis easily.

Benefits of floor sanding and polishing:

  • It reduces germs and bacteria in the home.
  • It can be done in a customizable way according to the needs.
  • It improves the overall house appearance and features.
  • It makes the wooden floor sustainable and long-lasting.
  • It makes floors look like a new ones and gives fresh vibes.
  • It can be designed with stunning patterns in personalized taste.

How much do floor sanding and polishing cost?

It totally depends upon the area and the professional company you hire for the service. Normally it costs up to $30 to $50 per sq. meter though it depends on the material quality used and the floor condition.

Conclusion: There are plenty of flooring and polishing companies that are promising to offer the best floor sanding and polishing service but, not everyone does what they claim. Consult the Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne for number one floor sanding and polishing services we are committed to using advanced machinery and tools without compromising quality for the outstanding floor polishing and sanding result.