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It is because of the Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne professional that your timber floor is in great condition today. They are trained and experienced to restore the brand new shine and appearance of the timber floor. This is true for the DIY enthusiast who has a great knowledge of floor sanding and polishing.

Apart from them, if you are attempting it for the first time or are among the ones who have the enthusiasm of doing everything all by yourself then, here is what you need to be aware of.

  • You Lack Skills And Experience 

There could be an exception in this one of the DIY enthusiasts who have closely observed the floor sanding and polishing for a long and also have gained the right knowledge regarding the same. If not then, the lack of skills to operate the equipment, using the technique, and inability o do it the right way would become a great hurdle in the way. It is one hell of a struggle to maintain constant straight lines and uniform pressure when sanding the floor. 

  • Hiring Equipment

You would not have the equipment at home; you would be left with two options of either buying the equipment or hiring it. The latter being the choice of every (most) homeowner as buying would turn out to be quite expensive. Further, you would have to hassle finding the right equipment and tools.

  • You Are Unaware Of Floor Requirements 

With passing time, the floors are exposed to a lot of scenarios, each of them having a different degree of sanding requirement. Even certain planks would require a replacement. You being the DIY enthusiast with a lack of knowledge and skill, would not be aware of it.

Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne

  • Scratching The Flooring

It’s very easy to damage the timber floor when sanding, especially because you are not the professionals who do it on a regular basis in a variety of homes and on different types of timbers. It is preferable to practise on scrap timber plank first before sanding on the flooring.

  • Expensive Errors

Not all the mistakes you make could be fixed; this is true for the floor sanding. If you overdo it, it would surely turn out to be an expensive error as you may require to replace the timber planks. Instead, you would invest in the professional sanding and polishing service that would provide you with high-quality service without the rare chances of such expensive errors.

  • Sanding and Polishing Can Be Exhausting

Sanding and polishing floors usually result in back, shoulder, leg and arm pain. It can even cause bruises and injuries if you fail to operate the equipment properly.

  • Choosing Wrong Polish

The aesthetic that timber floor offers are also because of the right polish. You have to take various considerations like tint, quality of the polish or stain and more to select the one that is just right.

The end result would be no were near your expectation even after spending the money as well of your DIY efforts, so let us leave it on the Floor sanding & polishing Melbourne professionals.