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Timber is also known as wood. It is one of the types of wood that is used in the flooring industry. Your home can look even more attractive if you consider installing timber flooring. Timber floors are made of recycled lumber, so it is different from normal wood flooring. A company that provides the service of Quality Floor Polishing Services in Melbourne also provides the service of Timber floor installation.

We at Timber Floor Sanding Melbourne offer you a wide range of looks, durability, style, texture and prices. Sometimes it gets tough to choose one, so you can pick anyone that suits your requirements and other furniture kept in the space the most.

So, when you fix a supplier or an agency that provides you with the services for timber, below are the questions that you may ask them directly:

  • What various product lines and types of timber do you provide?
  • What is the thickness of this type?
  • What is the construction process?
  • What type of polishing and coating are used for this type?
  • How many numbers of coats does this type require while polishing?

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 Below are the benefits of timber flooring:

  • It provides superior strength, durability and a good appearance to your house.
  • Timber flooring is easier to install.
  • It does require sanding is after years but not as compared to other types of flooring
  • Timber floorings are stylish and modern.
  • If you take some precautions, maintenance becomes easier.
  • Timber floors provide a great feel irrespective of any specific weather. They feel cooler during summers and warmer during winters.
  • They are available in a large number of designs according to different colours and textures.
  • They are non-allergic in nature, therefore works beneficial for Asthma and Hay fever patients.
  • They are one of the best eco-friendly products.

Things to consider while choosing a service for Floor Sanding and Polishing Geelong wide:

Experience – Experience plays an important role when it comes to dealing with different types of technical services. You can judge the experience by asking an agency about their previous projects with before and after images. You can also follow the section of review on their website to know about their work. Experience is only achieved through challenges; therefore, only an experienced agency can secure status in the market. We pride ourselves on having years of experience in this field and, therefore, ready to tackle urgent on-site requirements as well.

Professionalism – Working with timber is an art, and not everyone can make it; therefore, an agency is required to be at a professional level when it comes to serving the locals. Our skilled and professional workers know the tricks and technicality that are involved during any service. They are experts yet friendly to deal with people, so our clients are always in relief.


No factor is stronger than the reliability of an agency. When we say you can trust us with our services of Quality Floor Polishing Services in Melbourne, we mean it because we have proven ourselves multiple times in the past. The only reason is we know what we do!